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HR services -  Outstaffing / Staff leasing services, Serbia, Belgrade


BULEVAR HR  is a company seated in Belgrade, which is oriented to services in the field of human resources. What makes us different are the solutions that we make for our clients and candidates needs. Our team is made of qualified consultants with recognized experience. BULEVAR HR provides support to its clients in achieving business visions. Our goal is that our clients at any time have the right people with appropriate skills on right positions which will contribute both - realization of corporate and individual plans. We are here to provide the best service at the highest level to the local and international companies.

Staff leasing services that we provide:
1. Recruitment and selection of candidates

BULEVAR HR responds to the client's request of the employee, for which the client has a long-term needs (merchants, drivers, production workers, hostesses, promoters, Merchandisers, sales reps, sales managers, office managers, accountants, financial sector, IT and management positions). Finding adequate candidates cover the needs of our clients from the initial to the top management positions. Our goal is to provide our clients with a person with appropriate knowledge and skills that fit the company's vision.

2. Outsourcing / Outstaffing

BULEVAR HR provides three-way relationship! On one side there is a contract of business and technical cooperation with the client - the company, on the other side we sign a contract with employees. BULEVAR HR is located in the center and provides service management administrative employees on its payroll. It allows the flexibility of the contract, for a limited time and for an indefinite period, and the terms of pay, working time and the position of the direct client and employee agree, but the client retains complete control over the employees.

3. Temporary Employment

BULEVAR HR deals with finding and hiring the appropriate people to fill your temporary lack of staff. In the case of vacation, sick leave, maternity and cravings, seasonal jobs, increasing workload, we find people for you and finish all the necessary administration, the client's only obligation is to determinate the operating conditions.

4. Headhunting, Direct Search for professionals

BULEVAR HR is intended to find professionals and talents that the client wants, by direct contact, advertising and internal networking. Our experienced consultants and understanding the organizational structure of the client will identify appropriate candidates. In addition to the pledge that we will not try to hunt candidates who are already employed by our clients.

5. Youth Employment

We are engaged in finding temporary and periodical jobs to association members and thus help them to gain work experience to use free time productively, working to obtain funding and providing them the opportunity to prove themselves and to find a permanent employment. We offer quick and complete service finding workers of all profile for employers. Signing contracts with the employer, and duration of the contract for the same job for one employer can be for a maximum of 120 working days. Association member may be a pupil, student or unemployed person aged between 15 and 30 years.

HR Bulevar - Outstaffing services / Staff leasing
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